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    Lined Up: Product Development Talks Liner

    Our 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are creamy, waterproof and award-winning.  With an insane range of shades, there’s a little something for everyone.  Today, our PD team shares their favorites with you and why.

    Wende:  Deep End & Zero

    "I like to use Deep End to line my lower lashes to make my eyes appear bigger, and Zero is the long-wearing, super black staple to the perfect smoky eye."

    Veronica:  Zero & Vice

    "Zero is the perfect shade of black for my everyday look, and I love the deepness of the purple of Vice, giving me that extra sparkle with the shimmer."

    Tiffany:  Sabbath & Black Velvet

    "I love the way Sabbath makes my brown eyes pop, and Black Velvet is absolutely perfect for a smoky eye with or without eyeshadow!

    Hayley:  Invasion & Whiskey

    “I love the deep forest green of Invasion, it adds a little something extra to my neutral look.  Whiskey is my everyday eyeliner!  It’s the best warm brown shade and makes my blue eyes stand out.”

    Amy:  Smoke & Psychedelic Sister

    “I love using Smoke for any daytime look, smoky eye and it’s even neutral enough to wear underneath my eyeshadow!  Psychedelic Sister is my go-to for a pop of color.  I never travel without it.”

    Lyndsey:  Deep End & Junkie

    "I love the bright blue/green of Deep End with my eye color.  The pencil surprisingly goes with many eyeshadow colors.  Junkie is deep enough to line your entire eye for an intense smoky eye.  I also love the sparkle!

    Where can I get this? It’s amazing


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  4. My Favorite Things Meme | [5/5] Movies

    "Just remember, inside every girl, there’s a boy. That came out wrong, but you know what I mean."

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    Hocus Pocus (1993)

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  7. Pumpkin King

    The main reason I fell in love with art again thank you madeulookbylex

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    Some of my favorite body paint themes by MadeYewLook.

    Pumpkin King. Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Evil Ring Master. Ursula. Weeping Angel. The Walking Dead Valentine. Cheshire Cat. Jack Frost.

    MadeYewLook’s YouTube account

    MadeYewLook’s Facebook account

    MadeYewLook’s Instagram account

    MadeYewLook’s Twitter account

    Love her 😍


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    Based in body paint, all highlights and shadows are done in regular blush. 

    YOUTUBE > www.youtube.com/madeyewlook


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    "Body painting is a form of artwork, and I love nothing more than becoming a new character everyday, and inspiring others to see life through a new perspective. Things that you see aren’t always as they appear to be." - Lex

    YOUTUBE > www.youtube.com/madeyewlook